What is the First thing You do when you wake up in the Morning?

When you wake up in the morning what’s the First thing you do? do you just switch on your television to continue the previous day’s movie from where you left off or where you slept off? You and i should always remember life is the most important of all things And having life puts you in a position of being grateful t̥o your creator sometimes I’m Guilty as well.I get up in the morning And The first thing I think of doing is……. C’mon I know I’m not all that a religious Guy And that doing the Right things often is difficult but still.. It would definitely be worth your while if you can just get up early every morning And say Thank You Lord for this beautiful day because its an opportunity for you to start afresh And strengthen your relationship with God as it carries with it opportunities some of which your maker would want you to have.
I understand that during the days Struggle we Are often inclined to do wrong cheat,lie,steal But in all be grateful. Have you prayed this morning if you haven’t pls DO God is watching.
Otek Nonso


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